November 20, 2005

Dear Curt,

This web site is for you. However, if it is not Christmas yet, unless you want to spoil your present you should go away right now. This, and maybe a card, is all you are getting from me this year.

Yes, you finding the site was the risk I took actually putting the web site up on the internet rather than waiting, but M&D have been giving me things to put on the site, while Carole, Kelly, and the kids have been reviewing the content so i needed to upload it. Besides, what were the chances?

If it is Christmas, well then--- Merry Christmas!!!!!

You and dad have been giving many evenings and nearly every weekend to this car over the last 20 years while I have been 2500 miles away and unable to help out. So, despite the "no trading rule", I traded with Nathaniel to get your name for Christmas, learned how to make web sites, got a free 30-day trial of Dreamweaver, and gave it my best effort.

By the way, to fit within the "gift cost limit rule", the real present is that a year of hosting for the web site is paid up. The web content falls into the "home-made" gift category, which doesn't seem to be governed by any of Carole's rules. While dad didn't have you for Christmas, he also probably hit the gift cost limit taking photographs and express mailing pictures down to me, so give him an extra hug on Christmas. By the way, to whomever has M&D, now that we finally got them switched to CDs, maybe the next step is upgrading them to a digital camera this Christmas.

I hope this helps get the word out about your car, and maybe someday, someone, somewhere out there will send you that head end power package you always wanted for Christmas.


your brother,



If you aren't Curt, never mind. Enter the site by clicking here and going to your new homepage .