Most of the wood throughout the interior of the car is old growth american red gum wood, commonly called satin walnut. Gum wood is a slow growing tree unique to  North America. Old growth trees were totally harvested by the 1950’s.    Replacement wood should be available  some time  after  2060. Much of the finish you see is the original stain and layers of hand mixed shellac applied by Denver & Rio Grande craftsmen  75 years ago. 

  Observation room is complete with period furniture
  Two tables for letter writing, track lights, front view mirrors, a clock, speedometer and air brake gauges allows the rail executive to monitor the train and track condition.   Step into the observation room and enjoy the amazing invention of electric lights!
Observation room in 1929 after conversion to become the D&RG 101      
Push a call button and the porter can make the Pullman berth into an upper and lower bed.   This traditional Pullman berth  makes into upper and lower  beds for extended overnight groups.  

The observation room was the “smoke filled room”  where business deals and fortunes were made and lost.


  This beautiful room offers the traveler a full view of the passing scenery as the car travels at the end of the train.