A hundred years ago, traveling by Pullman Car was an event not often matched, and never forgotten. Taking ones’ time to travel by rail, having all the comforts in life, savoring fine food, appreciating the varied scenery, enjoying impeccable service and sharing in fellowship of traveling companions is the very definition of the golden age of railroading. 

Blue Mountain Railroad 2001. On the platform, looking forward.   Wallula Washington   Locomotive coupled to the observation deck end during switching   Moving Through Eastern Washington State. At 78 feet, notice the length of the Abraham Lincoln compared to the freight cars
Western Oregon   Willamette River, Oregon   Switching Amtrak trains   BNSF to Blue Mountain Railroad Wallula Junction, WA
Othello Washington   Bruce, Washington. 9-10-01   Walla Walla to Dayton Washington   BNSF Wallula, Washington State
Our other life. Speeders on a trestle outside Lewiston Idaho on Camas Prairie Railroad   Being added to the end of the train in Seattle at King Street Station   Sothern Pacific transfer in Oakland, California   On the Central Washington Rail Road
Behind Amtrak freight car Locomotive 4449 pushing the Pullman Car Abraham Lincoln in Portland, Oregon        
BNSF Connell WA to Wallula WA   Being passed between locomotives   Wallula, Washington   BNSF RR at Pasco Washington out kitchen window
Blue Mountain RR Wallulla to Walla Walla Washington   9-11-01. Pasco, Washington. The day the world changed.   BNSF hump yard. Pasco, Washington   Leaving Bruce as freight
Crossing the Columbia River at Portland OR to Vancouver WA